About us

About Us

We offer quality, reliability, and speed at a tenth of the price. If you think you have the next Facebook lying in your head and
don't want to break the bank, give us a call!

We are a distributed team of designers, developers, hustlers, business strategists, intellectuals, learners, experts, hackers, and hipsters. But the one thing that brings us all together is that we are all definitely crazy. We are so crazy that we spend long hours, nights and days, to make this into a reality. Some people might call it passionate, but only crazy people would care so much. We did it because we really want to see some amazing ideas, ideas that change the world, come out of our platform and our community. That would make it all worth it period

To describe how distributed we are, we are all over the world, with headquarters in San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, and New Delhi. We are surprisingly new, but because of all our major partnerships, we have been able to create this massive network and expand so quickly. Again, we did it all for you.

I guess we like to think that we are smart too. But to be honest, none of this could have happened without all of us working together, combining everyone’s experiences, knowledge, and perspectives together. When you take the best minds from around the world, you can make magic happen.

Hopefully, we have inspired you, and now you can inspire us, and we can together continue innovating for the future.