According to many statistical reports, more and more college students want to start businesses. A survey done by Bentley University found that around 70% of college students would like to run their own business. However, only 3% of business are owned by people under the age of 30. On top of that more businesses are closing than opening. This is a huge cause for concern because startups hugely help in economic growth. How is that the desire to start businesses is going up, yet less new businesses are opening?

It is because young people don’t have the resources to start their own businesses and quality software development is expensive, generally around $150-$200 per hour. Most student Entrepreneurs do not possess the skills either to develop their ideas themselves or find it difficult to find the right people to help them build it. This is very unfortunate because some of the best companies came from college students, such as Facebook and Google. We want to build ideas into reality.

Inventive Byte is not only a software development agency, but also a community to connect you to your mentors and teammates. After Entrepreneurs have shared their project details, the AI technology finds the best mentors and teammates to work on their projects. This could be a mix of college engineers, professional developers, professors, and/or freelancers. The Entrepreneurs, the engineers, and the mentors all are on the university campus but have never been so easy to find and access before. Once you sign up, we will send you our newsletter, which you can forward to professors and students, to bring awareness of this amazing opportunity to work on amazing projects, gain experience, and bring the future to the present. Sign up now.

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